i can’t believe that june is almost over. the following are pics from the whole month so far… i don’t think seb fits under the table standing up anymore. he’s getting so tall–we’re going to have to rename the website “kneebiter” or something. hm. seb is 13 months old, and apparently coming into his own. […]

a little piece of me

a minute ago i was folding kitchen towels and rags and stuff, and i found myself picking things from the middle of the basket to fold. i thought for a minute that i was just picking up a towel from the middle because i wanted to fold all the towels first. but no. in fact, […]

vitals update

seb’s 1 yr well-baby check up was this past friday and here are the results: height 30 in (3 in growth since mid-february) weight 18 lb 11 oz (up a wopping 8 oz since march) head circumference 47 cm (this is the one thing that has remained textbook 50%) seb was shot up for mmr […]

seb in a tent

well, we finally went camping friday night, and it was good. let me qualify “good”: we got some sleep, the amount varying for each one of us (seb probably got the most), we only woke the campground once at 5 am, and it was character building–we learned a lot. most important lesson, try to arrive […]