no new pics…

yet. i’m a big slacker. taking photos has not been at the forefront of my mind lately. today i start school. i’m officially a grad student–i checked, it says so on my i.d. card. jen hemphill, graduate student. sounds sort of cool, don’t you think? well, it may sound cool, but somehow i’m a nervous wreck today with the thought of embarking on this long drawn out task. i hate the unknown. it scares me. i keep telling myself that it will all be fine, it will be good for me, blah-blah-blah. the good news is, unlike taking undergrad courses, i am not the oldest student! hoorah! tonight i get a better idea of workload…. i’m sure it’s like, “you must write 20 pages per week!” or something ridiculous like that.

in the spirit of the new school season, sebastien has become quite the intellect. he reads and reads book after book. if brian or i sit down in seb’s general vicinity, we are guaranteed to be given a book to read to him. some of his favorites are, dr. suess’ abc an amazing alphabet book (four fluffy feathers on a fiffer-feffer-feff), brown bear brown bear, baby einstein’s bard’s rhyme time ( oooh, flaps), among others. i’d be pretty tickled with a little seba bookworm.

seb had his 15 month well baby checkup. he’s grown another 2 inches in length but his weight only increased by a pound, which means he’s still a bit under the 20 lb mark. there’s nothing like a medical health professional telling you you’re not doing a good enough job feeding your kid to make you really feel inadequate. like i had a problem having those feelings to begin with. yeesh. so now i’m in a panic about how to coerce seb into eating things he’s just not interested in eating while at the same time not forcing him. ahhh, the irony. all in all, he’s healthy and smart and stuff. and his head is still growing so i know his brain is in okay shape. so why am i so worried and upset? i guess it’s just my job now.

(if anyone with experience feeding finicky eaters wants to pass along any advice, feel free to email me: