catch phrase?

i don’t normally talk about my faith in Jesus on this page, my Christianity. i don’t really feel comfortable writing that really personal stuff here, i think that’s why. i’m not using this blog to gush.

but tonight, i feel the need to talk about sin for a minute. sin is one of those things that people in general don’t really want to talk about. even people who are Christians don’t like to talk about it that much unless is someone else’s sins that’s the topic, or we’re only focusing on the forgiveness aspect of it. i’m not knocking people for it–sin is indeed a terrifying and complex subject, and forgiveness eases it up for us. i love homeschooling my kids so we can talk about sin in a safe place, actually. we can sit around in our living room and it just comes up on occasion, mainly because we read the Bible each morning for a little bit. i feel like it’s important to talk about sin, that we are all broken and all have the disease, and no one person is better or has less trouble with sin than another. the sins might be different, but everyone’s got them, the ones they really struggle with. and that all of us, if we want to be, can be forgiven, we just need to ask. again and again and again.

anyway, (i got a little deeper there than i wanted to!) the point of this is, we were reading Mark 7 the other day. the beginning of the chapter tells us about Jesus arguing with the pharisees (the Jewish leaders), telling them that people aren’t unclean because of what’s on the outside (dirty hands in this case, or not following the traditional rituals of cleaning before you eat), but people are unclean because of what’s on the inside and comes out. sins. sins that hurt other people. there are a lot of sins in the list that comes next, and i won’t go into them too deeply. but i pointed out the sins that kids might have trouble with, like deceit (lying) and lewdness (which i likened to potty-mouth and rudely talking about people’s bodies and bodily functions), and malice (which is hatred). at that point, oren said, “yeah, i lie all the time when i’m tricking seb.” ha! well, i laughed.

and so i was sharing this story with my sister today, and oren overheard me and felt like i didn’t do justice to what he said. then he said this, the quote that i wanted to share, the reason i wrote this whole long post to include…

“why would i be deceitful of him being lewd on me?”



if this isn’t funny to you, i’m sorry. but i heartily laughed, and so did my sister, and her kids, and seb and even oren, though i don’t think he knew why. i leave it here for your perusal anyway, even if i misjudged the degree of humor it actually contains. it’s at least a little testament to the fact that i still know how to type.