uneventful… so far


two days of driving already, on this our annual road trip. last night we stayed outside of nashville, tn. tonight, dallas, tx. we are on our way to hueco tanks state park outside of el paso, tx.

you’d think that because we travel in a eurovan weekender with a pop top that we’d save some cash and camp in it. well, no. this trip anyway, we have been wimpy. last night we had no good excuse except that it was late, and we were tired. but tonight we have a good reason with lightning and thunder bearing down on north texas. the last time we came this route to hueco we did camp in a koa in the dallas city limits (a very glorified parking lot, as most koas are) and were caught in a severe thunderstorm. it was not an experience to repeat. so here we are, watching the hobbit as we lounge in bed. ah, vacation.

today we drove through some rain in arkansas too. but with two full days of driving under out belts, the trip remains uneventful. read: the van is still running and well. the thunderstorms tonight are the start of what the weather people are calling a wintry mix of precipitation. the temps in north texas, as well as across other parts of the southwest, are to plummet tomorrow and bring along freezing rain and sleet and winds of 20-40 mph. could prove interesting to driving, but i hope not too interesting. i like road trips that are uneventful except for those events (climbing!) which have been planned. who doesn’t?

i hope by tomorrow night to have a boring post to write. one that has us driving with out incident across the rest of texas, with some wind and rain, but not the havoc they are calling for. until then….