and sound tonight at the microtel el paso east. the wind is beating at the window, but we are warm an cozy inside again tonight. after going to bed last night in dallas with temps in the 70s, this morning we awoke to mid-30s with a windchill in the low 20s. and it didn’t get […]

uneventful… so far

two days of driving already, on this our annual road trip. last night we stayed outside of nashville, tn. tonight, dallas, tx. we are on our way to hueco tanks state park outside of el paso, tx. you’d think that because we travel in a eurovan weekender with a pop top that we’d save some […]

catch phrase?

i don’t normally talk about my faith in Jesus on this page, my Christianity. i don’t really feel comfortable writing that really personal stuff here, i think that’s why. i’m not using this blog to gush. but tonight, i feel the need to talk about sin for a minute. sin is one of those things […]

evolution of a bathroom, 28 june – 19 aug, 2013

toilet:check bath tub: check sink: no check granite floor: ooooh aaaaah, and i see some paint on the walls lovely shower beautiful cabinets, but still no sink! finally a sink… and so pretty and last but not least, the mirror and shower enclosure. finite! finally!

steamboat springs trip wrap up (long time coming!)

hike/run mud creek trail, 4 miles, 800 feet of elevation gain. a barn in a meadow and a boulder filled creek where several family members fell in. oh, and a jawbone of an ass. hike up/run down, fish creek falls trail, roundtrip 6 miles, 2 thousand feet of elevation gain. no small children or senior […]

summertime, summertime, sum-, sum-…

the history and science and math books are on the shelf, the portfolio for the fourth grader’s year has been sent away along with the affadavit for next school year. what does this mean? well, duh. it’s summer vacation! the past few years, our family has taken a long trip in the spring, sometimes 3-4 […]

an ideal concept

today for math seb and i were playing around with and thinking about patterning… patterning with numbers and patterning with shapes. it’s not a brand new concept by any means–patterning is something that is taught or played around with in kindergarten and first grade…. well, every year really, just at a deeper and deeper level. […]

healing in progress

i took this picture last thursday, may16. pink new skin has taken over. this was taken a week earlier. looks a little less like frankenstein’s monster than the first picture taken 5 days after surgery.


have any of you noticed that all our doings we have recorded here on are archived to your right? and if you click on them, you can see stuff we’ve been going through since 2003? it’s amazing to me to be able to do this, though sometimes the links to the pictures don’t go […]

phone sounds

so i have found myself, over the past couple of weeks or so, hearing things. like when i’m running and i think i hear my running app start talking to me to tell me that i have indeed  run another mile. i put my phone up to my ear though, and, nope, nothings going on […]