have any of you noticed that all our doings we have recorded here on are archived to your right? and if you click on them, you can see stuff we’ve been going through since 2003? it’s amazing to me to be able to do this, though sometimes the links to the pictures don’t go anywhere anymore. but all the text is there. that is pretty cool. we started this blog in 2003 when we were awaiting our first anklebiter, sebastien. and guess what folks, he’s turning 10. so is 10 years old now too. a decade.

a decade used to seem like  a long time to me. it felt like so long when i realized in 2004 that i had been a rock climber for a decade. at that point, i had never done anything in my life for a whole decade except for being alive. and when brian and i celebrated our 10th anniversary, the only other thing that i had done for a decade was be a rock climber. a decade seemed like such a long time. epic. well, now in addition to being a rock climber for almost 2 decades, and being married for almost 16 years (that’s going on 2 decades, right? can i say that yet?), i have a son who is a decade old. i have been a mom for a decade. and this decade, the decade of sebastien we’ll call it for now, has flown by me, people. blurry fast, like i couldn’t even see that it was happening and, boom. i now have a 10 year old. full stop. whereas yesterday he was just a wrinkled baby squirming in my arms.

a decade ago, with that little wiggly old man attached to me wherever i went, i hardly knew what to do. i hid out with him at my parents’ house for 2 weeks after he was born because i just didn’t know what to do with this guy. i learned some things, enough to eventually go home and care for him and love him without being scared. and ever since then it’s been….wow. i just don’t even have a descriptor for what it’s been. i honestly can’t say if i know a whole lot more about being a mom now than i did then, but i have realized that i absolutely love being with this kid, this now 10 year old, and figuring it out as we go along.

and have you met him? he builds the most amazing stuff out of legos. and he has a super-silly and contagious laugh too, the kind that makes everyone around him laugh when he really gets going. and the toothiest grin you have ever seen. and when he’s serious, he asks the craziest and hardest questions for us to answer, blinking those wide grey eyes of his at us. he is into comics, due to his comic-loving cousins living here now, but not just reading them. seb’s making his own in a comics club that he’s a part of. i saw some of his work today, and it’s amazing. he draws a fairly awesome robot too. and he has grand plans, plans on how all these things he’s working on are going to rake in the money for him some day. ahhhh, seb. happy birthday 10 year old! can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring you.