seb update

well, it’s time i update this thing… hmmm. what to tell, what to tell. there is so much going on–seb is nearly a toddler, we’re living in our very own home, the price of gas is obscene. it’s been hard to find the right time to sit down and write. heh, right time to write…. heh. anyway…

seb has decided that turning 12 months old is a big deal. almost from the moment he hit this age, he has been doing new and amazing things on a daily basis. it’s as if he woke up the morning of may 12, and said to himself, “well, now that i’m 1, it’s time i started acting like it.” i think the first new item on the list of “new things to do on my birthday” was meowing like a cat. so i, or anyone else can say, “hey seb, what’s a kitty-cat say?” and he replies, “meow.” the second item was to make car sounds, which was very appropriate since he received many cars or car-like things as gifts. it’s a sort of *vroom vroom* sound while he wheels his mini cars all over the first floor of the house. and he has become fairly adept at crawling on one hand while pushing the car with the other hand without having to pick that pushing hand up off the floor. impressive. i’m trying to get him to differentiate between the sound a car makes and other things–“a train goes chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga choo-choo, seb.” i caught him one day this week “driving” his favorite peice of toast around on his highchair tray. i’m not sure he quite gets it yet.

one thing seb has not eschewed since his first birthday as being infantile, and i truly wish that he would, is the whole drooling thing. he’s a mess most of the time, a big dark spitty stain on the front of his clothes if he’s wearing them, a sticky stream running down his chest and belly into his diaper if he’s not. and i’ve realized lately that most kids his age have the drool monster under some semblance of control, only letting it out of its cage when their teeth come in. not seb. i’m trying to come to terms with this fact: seb IS the drool monster. he is not aware of the “teething rule”.

ah yes, and this is the week i have chosen to return to the world of cloth diapering. this time, instead of using a service, i’m doing it myself. i figure, if i buy all the diapers and covers and detergent, etc., i’ll be sure to stick with it (right?). this way too, i can get the cool contour diapers and the all-in-one diapers and the hemp diapers. in a very sick way, i am just as satisfied after a good day of cloth diaper shopping for seb as i am clothes shopping for myself. there must be something wrong with me.