slacker mom

at least in the weblog sense… i’ve been so busy writing essays for class (wahoo!) that i have neglected my narrative of seb-happenings. class has reached a crossroads into writing a long essay from now until semester-end, and i have decided to write about motherhood issues–pregnancy, childbirth–and then flesh out a bigger political issue from my personal experiences. should be interesting. so far, i have only written 2-3 pages essays just to explore different ideas and memories. my instructor teaches at chatham and some sort of high school for young gifted people, and she also is an accomplished essayist, poet and editor. she recently edited an anthology of essays and poetry on pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. anyway, on to seb…

seb is a born climber–not only rocks, but gates and stairs and chairs intrigue him too. we were walking in bloomfield the other day and came upon a ramp guarded by a steel railing, and seb scampered to it directly, grabbed the railing and hiked his feet up onto the cement ramp and hung there. a woman walking by asked his age, and when i told her, she exclaimed at his climbing skills. “i know!” i replied with equal enthusiasm. he’s a genius! he likes to “scare” me when i’m at the computer in the dining room: he runs around to the opposite side of the table, crouches down and then pops his little face up hollering, “aaaagh!” which always dissolves into laughter at how clever he realizes he is. and i giggle right along with him.

a not fun and exciting thing we recently went through with seb (because i need to have a well-rounded narrative here) is his habit of not eating. the past few weeks he has been getting molars, so he’s been off his feed a bit because of that, but i’m also convinced that he’s not eating just because i want him to so badly. brian and i swore up an down to eachother p.s. (pre seb) that we would never fight with him about eating or mealtime after witnessing countless episodes of horror that my sisters have had trying to get their kids to eat. however, the pediatrician is convinced we are starving poor seb, and has also made me feel fairly guilty for not trying hard enough to broaden his toddler-food-loving horizons, so against my better judgement it has become a fight. a fight that i lose most of the time. it is the one thing that has made me completely lose my temper with him, and it sucks! so at the beginning of last week, i remade my pact with myself and brian that eating is a battle i refuse to fight. if seb only eats cheese for the next 5 years, so be it.