our bags are packed

we’re hitting the open road again. tomorrow. the pouring down rain and temps in the 40s today–classic ‘burgh springtime–is chasing us to the desert. hueco tanks is calling us back for another climbing adventure, a revisiting of last year. the young ones have shorn heads to accommodate the heat. 88 degrees fahrenheit on saturday, our first day in the park.

this year, texas is first, but from there we’ll take a quick jaunt to tuscon, az, for a visit with our friends paul and april and baby silas before embarking upon a really long drive to santa cruz, ca, for the beach! we have a couple of ideas to fill in the time between santa cruz and denver (which will again be our final destination before returning home): what will it be, bishop, ca? a tried and true bouldering mecca at the foot of the sierras. or will it be salt lake city, ut? a yet untried bouldering spot that touts some shade and cooler temps and, of course, rocks galore. we’re not sure yet. ideas keep bouncing back and forth between brian and me. but that’s the beauty of taking a long trip; you can wait and see where the spirit moves you.

and hopefully the spirit will also move me to write about our on-the-road shenanigans. maybe some occasional emails from you all who read this post will encourage me to do it? so drop me a line… no, not many, many lines. a line. just one line at a time!