encroaching nature

The tomato plant has completely smothered the green pepper plant and is starting to oppress the limelight hedrangea. The sumac weed (tree) we cut down has sent hundreds of shiny new shoots sprouting throughout the entire backyard. The aphids ate the birch tree. The bind weed is trying to strangle the black-eyed susans. The pineapple mint has forced its way into our neighbor’s yard where the chihuahua likes to stand and endlessly yap at us. The hemlock trees have reached the electrical and phone lines. The forsythia is fighting for light between the lilac bush, which has suddenly decided to flourish since I pruned it last fall, and the humongous spreading clump of maiden grass.

I have to leave the backyard and go to the front.

A young morning dove has made our and our neighbor’s front porch its hang out. It’s cute. It lets us come stare at it while it blinks and makes herky-jerky bird movements, then it scuttles away and poops. And then it scuttles to a new place and poops again. it’s cute, but its poop, which is like mini piles of cement, is all over our front porch now.

It makes me want to go back inside where I step in a pile of cat puke.

@#$&* nature!