News and Updates

Well, this page has been pretty dormant for awhile. So here’s a little update on what the boy has been doing:

* Holding his head up (as the images on the home page attests to). Most mornings when we get him out of bed, he’s in his crib, holding his head up, drooling, and looking around.

* Using his hands. He’s grabbing things now, and occasionally can get something into his mouth, though this probably has more to do with the object being in the way as he tries to put his hand in his mouth, but it looks cool.

* Laughing. This started in earnest this evening. Very cool. We’ve got video that I’ve got to compile into a Quicktime movie for the site.

Most of this has happened in the past week. A lot of people told us we wouldn’t notice the little things since we see him every day, but it really is amazing how he changes every day. And it is noticeable.