no more diapers!!

well, oren, our little baby, is potty trained. a lot goes into the meaning of potty trained though, so i should clarify. he is not wearing diapers during the day, and he is wearing plastic covered training pants at night. he has had some accidents, one of which involved no. 2. he has not successfully pooped on the potty, so we’re still not sure where we stand with that end of things. weeks and week after seb was trained, he still required us to put a pull-up on him to go no. 2. so i’m trying to be relaxed and open minded about the state of my almost-three-year-old’s potty habits after a mere four days. but now that he’s in underwear, i can’t go back! so that, in my definition, is potty trained. oh! and, brian was the trainer this go! and he deserves a big pat on the back for that.

 “i a big BOY!” oren yells at us, and i’m beginning to agree with him.