rifle (or, shot down)

oi! i don’t know what i was thinking. in other years when we have climbed at rifle, we’ve had at the very least 4 days of climbing in the park. having at least 4 climbing days is necessary just to get one’s head into it. climbing on slippery limestone can be a little daunting if not frightening. so i don’t know what i was thinking when i decided that 2 days of climbing at rifle would be productive. well, i suppose it was productive, per se… i productively fell off every climb i attempted. my body was productively worked, and i was sore for a day or two, which is never a bad thing. in terms of sending, however, i was completely unproductive.

the little boys got to climb some, and my friend kathleen got some pictures of them (which we’ll need to post soon). and of course, brian posted here about it.