boy talk

you’ll have to excuse the main page right now. it looks dumb i know, and i tried to change it, but it didn’t work. i’ll fix it soon. or brian will.

so anyway, about seb. seb just turned 7 months old! he’s over half a year old already. i think having a kid has made the time really fly. i never thought it did before. so in the past month, seb has done a lot. he is sitting up no his own all the time now–he hardly ever falls over anymore. he’s rolling a lot from his belly to his back which is a problem at night while he’s trying to go to sleep–he’ll flip himself over while he’s complaining that he has to be in bed alone, then he cries all the harder. he hasn’t yet figured out how to roll the other way, so i have to do it for him. daytime will be better for me to get him to do it himself. seb eats solids 2-3 times daily. i think he is really starting to enjoy it. i have a children’s song cd that i pop in when we’re at the table, and he really gets a kick out of it. it’s funny to see that he has favorite songs–he gets excited and laughes (spitting out food as well!) when one comes on. knick-knack, paddy-wak seems to be his all time favorite. oh yeah, and he finally figured out the jumpy seat (you know, the one that hangs in the door way). it took him a while, but last night, he started to jump around in it. yay! yet another thing to entertain him while i get my stuff done.

we’re still battling his head tilt (torticollis). it seemed to be getting better at one point, but i still see it in the pictures i take of him. perhaps we will have to do physical therapy afterall.

well, there you have it. this is the first time i have logged at length about seb, but i’m not sure if it will continue yet. mostly, it depends on whether i will remember to do it. other than that, i don’t know how much of a fan i am of making my dialog a “public” thing. we’ll see…