i laughed outloud today

at things both of my kids said to me today.

me: oren just take the bag down to the kitchen. food doesn’t belong in my room or yours.

oren: but mommy! all the crackers (read: cwackows) will fall out of the bag all over the floor (read: ovow the flow)! because everything is hangin’ out like the tongue of a dog!!

this was after seb tried to convince oren to come play– oren, let’s go play with our similar jets!–and oren had been horrified–not our similar (simiwaw) jets!!–but then he was convinced it was a good thing and was on his way downstairs when i waylaid him about his bag o’ goodies.

we are just coming out of a 10-day visit of my sisters from out of town. we were blessed with the presence of jackie (who is my little sister–i’m taller and older than her!) and luke, their kids noah and lily, and their grayhound, jasper here at our house. it was fun to have the dog, except when his bum was stinky. so maybe this is where oren’s tongue of a dog comment came from–jasper has quite the lolling tongue.