is it spring yet?

well, Christmas turned out to be a success, although it ended up NOT being white (how did that happen?). i mean, no one got hurt, the wrapping paper didn’t scare seb out of his wits, and the cats haven’t died from eating half the bottom of the tree (yet). seb did make out on the toy end. i’m trying to figure out how to gradually re-introduce them to him so he doesn’t end up with post-traumatic stress disorder from being overstimulated every day like he was on Christmas Eve and Day.

so far, the jumpy seat hanging in the doorway that wasn’t a gift is by far his favorite toy. he just laughs and squeals as he jumps (boing-boing-boing), bouncing off the doorjam, his feet occasionally sliding around on the kitchen floor. he twirls around on a toe and regains traction on the carpet of the dining room side. the cats are scared. when he spies one of them, he stops bouncing, straightens his legs and leans towards them with his arms wide, hands grabbing and a wide, wet smile on his face. if he could talk, he’d be saying, “here kitty, kitty, kitty…” he quivers with delight. yeah, so they’re very scared. brian and i just laugh. someday those cats will get what’s coming to them.

today it’s back to normal. brian is back at work. and i have to get back into my routine at home again. “vacation” is over i guess…now it’s time for spring!