the weather outside

the birds are singing! the sun is shining! even if it’s for a few days–woo hoo!! it’s amazing how much easier life seems to become sans putting 20 layers (a little hyperbole never hurts) on myself and seb just to run to the store. and i literally mean running in and out, no dilly-dallying allowed when it’s only 20 degrees. now if it can just get warm enough to dis the jacket…

can i just list the millions of new things seb is doing? like i need to ask: 1) saying “mama”, not necessarily to me but tends to just yell it at random things–at least he’s getting used to how the sound feels in his mouth; 2) eating cheerios on his own; 3) pulling up to standing; 4) walking around while holding onto my or brian’s fingers; 5) pushing buttons (beginning to understand cause and effect); 6) turning lights on and off; 7) waving “hi” and “bye” and beginning to understand the difference between the two (sometimes during the day he acquires a pensive look and just randomly starts waving–i think he’s remembering his daddy leaving that morning for work). okay, maybe 7 doesn’t equal a million new things, but it’s close enough. and the list of words he knows expands on a daily basis. just to name a few: water, cereal, window, clap, hair, eye, spoon, eat, sit up, cough, ball, binky (a shortened name for pacifier that really annoys my father, for those of you who don’t know)…he’s just sooooo smart!

so life with seb just gets more and more exciting and fun, a little taste of heaven on earth. the wonderousness of it all somewhat tempers the nastiness i see in people and in the world around us. in some ways, seeing seb’s innocence and purity gives me hope that good still does exist. but then the pessimist (or what i like to call the realist) in me wonders how long that innocence can last in a sinful world, and that makes me sad. so all i can do is pray that God will have mercy on seb’s little mind and heart and keep them for Himself.

let’s end this on a bit of a happier note: after a long, cold, seemingly endless winter in pittsburgh, the sun always does come out… tweet tweet

you can tell this is a little old since his hair isn’t in his eyes–and yes, that is drool on the front of his clothes

mama trying to achieve “art”

“what!?” i think he learned this expression by watching me