the sunshine state

we have left our wood pile and fireplace and ¬†hopped a plane for florida. in florida, it doesn’t need to be sunny to be warm. thank goodness. it’s cloudy, but it will still be in the 80s today, and we’re all wearing shorts. and no socks. yippee! the house is wide open, glass doors slid aside, and all the heavy air comes in through the lanai.* the bronchitis i’ve been fighting for almost two weeks now may just be carried away on the breeze that flows past me. the coughing might be shallower, not so gut wrenching, but this could also be in my imagination, a tease, and when i try to gallivant through the world of disney the next few days, i might find myself gasping and wheezing for breath again. but for now i feel….. okay. and the sun may yet come out.

*otherwise known as a screened in patio