avengers rawk awt!

in the car yesterday… wow, we’ve been in the car a lot lately… seb and oren came up with the avengers “band.”

oren’s is more of an orchestral band:

  • iron man on piano (because he doesn’t have any weapons except armor)
  • hulk on drums (what else would he play?)
  • thor on maracas (they are like little hammers)
  • hawkeye on violin (he has bow and arrow and they are kind of like the violin)
  • captain america on cymbals (because of his shield)
  • loki on guitar (he’s evil)
  • black widow on vocals (because she’s a girl)

seb’s is more of a rock band (or perhaps not…) because he said they would be playing rock music:

  • hawkeye on electric guitar (he seems like kind of a rock star)
  • iron man on piano ( he seems more like a robot)
  • loki on bass (bass is creepy and he’s evil)
  • hulk on drums (because, duh)
  • thor on trumpet (he’s kind of like the herald of asgaard–assgaard? no, no…)
  • black widow on vocals and flute (seems fitting)
  • captain america on cymbals (shield, duh)

i love the conversations we have in the car!