spring fevers

as we approach what we normally think of as springtime here in the northeast, the weather is becoming more and more like winter. what’s the deal? i guess this isn’t a new trend. it happened like this last year too. at least the days are getting longer, although the sun actually needs to be out more than once a week to notice this small blessing.

sickness reigns in our household this week. personally, i’ve been doing all i can to thwart this cold tyrant, so far successfully. he has not brought me down yet thanks to my echinacea tea (even if it is a placebo, it’s working for me!). the boys however, were easily defeated and have been snotty and cranky for days now. brian and i have been trying to “teach” seb to blow his nose so we can hear his wailing, “i need a kweeeeeenex!” a little less often. he’s picked up the blowing part pretty well–he holds a kleenex up to his nose and blows out a doozy–but the snot just ends up on the four corners of his face. the usefulness of the kleenex has eluded little seb. we’ll keep working on that.

so due to the winterwonderland we live in, the three of us have been sequestered inside. to me it feels more like a prison sentence, and i keep praying that the next time i peer out the window and it looks like it’s a nice 50 degree day, it will be, and we can all go outside. or at least seb can and the house can be in peace for a few minutes. i like my house and all, but a girl can only take so much indoors in a week.

i suppose this complaining is jumping the gun a bit. i mean, it’s not even technically march yet, but tomorrow may not hold an opportunity for me to write about it.

grumpy kids a-calling. time to sign off…