my kids haven’t been inspiring me to write lately, about them or anything else really. it’s not that they aren’t doing anything. they are. seb continues on his extremely slow journey towards being completely potty-trained, and oren is rolling, rocking, playing with his toes (which is very cute, i must say), and eating some solid foods (avocados!). it’s just me, i guess. uninspirable me.

the end of june is upon us, and i can’t believe the summer is halfway over already. the past couple of days being only in the 70s reminded me of mid-may. the rain we have been getting pretty often has slowed the progress of this summer’s sun tan. we’ve only been to the pool once! compared to last year when we were going at least once a week if not twice through june and july. i anticipate going more soon. i have a special sling so i can wear oren in the pool. exciting, i know.

seb has been listening to some short books on cd recently. we’ve discovered Skippyjon Jones, a naughty Siamese cat who thinks he’s a chihuahua. it’s exciting and fun to read, even if the “kitty boy” is disobedient and doesn’t listen to Mama Junebug Jones very well at all. the art work is great too. seb is also liking Dr. Suess’ Green Eggs and Ham. these things keep him occupied and entertained so he can do things like eat and let his mama drink her coffee in the morning and slack off in other ways.

seb and oren are starting to play together… more like, seb is starting to tickle and pull and poke oren, give toys to oren then grab them right back out of his hands. one moment i’m touched by seb’s generosity, the next annoyed and frustrated. oren is entranced by seb and watches wherever he goes and whatever he does. i’m hoping that oren is learning what not to do–talking back to mama and daddy, spitting at the kitty cats– as well as what to do–walking, running, talking, eating. even the things seb does that get on my last nerve make oren laugh and laugh and laugh.

so that’s what’s up with us these days. just life.