i can’t believe that june is almost over. the following are pics from the whole month so far… i don’t think seb fits under the table standing up anymore. he’s getting so tall–we’re going to have to rename the website “kneebiter” or something. hm.





seb is 13 months old, and apparently coming into his own. it doesn’t bode well that this means he likes to play with his food, spit out his milk, whine a lot, bite the furniture and bang his head on the floor, now does it. the developmental stuff that i occasionally read for solace says that all this behavioral stuff is normal… but i want my sweet and perfect boy BACK! *sigh* aside from that, he’s fun and happy most of the time, and he sleeps really, really well, so even if we have a hard day, i’m almost guaranteed a good night’s rest. somedays, that’s the only thing saving his cute little… self.

seb still isn’t walking without holding onto anything and everything. he accidentally took up to 3 steps on his own throughout the course of last week, so i know it’s just a matter of time. in anticipation of the grand walking event, which will surely happen this summer, i bought him a pair of “sport sandals” from old navy, and MAN are they cute. when i put them on him, he was entralled and held his feet out in from of him, bending his torso down low, so he could get a good, close look at them. then he started spinning himself around in circles on the floor using his heels, stopping every once in a while to giggle with me and watch me wipe my teary eyes. i wish i wouldn’t feel so rushed to see him do bigger kid stuff, but when we go to the park, i look on in envy at the other kids just running around playing and their mothers sitting on benches reading. i wonder what it will be like when i can finally let him loose and watch him play.