today seb is an absolute grump, so i’m sitting here trying to ignore him and thinking of the charming stuff he did this week to distract myself from yelling at him. a particularly cute thing he did this week comes to mind directly, having already told several people about it this week. so i will record it here for the rest of the world who cares what seb is up to, and also so that i can reference it on future horrid days.

one evening after brian got home from work, the three of us were lounging around seb’s room. usually, if we spend any time playing in seb’s room, he inevitably goes to his dresser and empties his clothes from the drawers. this evening was not an exception. so, clothes piled up on the floor in between where i was sitting and brian was laying, seb trots out of the room, pointedly swinging his left arm at his side (he does this all the time now, along with other balance-assisting items). i’m sure at this point both brian and i are assuming that seb is on his way to our room to void clothing from whatever open drawers there are in our own dressers. but no. instead, seb turns back towards his room and “runs” (as well as he can) back into his room and “hops” (again, he tries his best) into the pile of clothes, rolling around and tossing apparel this and that way with squeals of absolute joy.

and this morning, just hours before descending into said grumpiness, he was attempting to climb everything– chairs, walls, gates, tables–lifting a foot up and absurdly grunting as if it was the hardest thing he had ever tried to do in his young life. fellow climbers may understand this concept of noise accompanying trying very hard to propell the body in a certain direction against gravity. sure. but what i don’t understand is, how did seb ever put these two actions together?

if i continue to try to unlock the mystery that is seb’s mind, i will lose the momentary respite i just received from sharing these things. so i’m done. there it is.