baby beep!* talk

seb is sitting in his highchair pretending to eat “wormies”. i don’t know what started this. the only worms he has ever encountered are cute ones in books, and no one has ever eaten them.

this morning, he came downstairs with me, spotted our grey cat, wolfgang, and said, “no this cat look at seba.” and the entire time we spent in the car today, which thankfully wasn’t much, seb spelled out his list of grievances against the world, “james [a friend] said, ‘no seba play with these toys in this guy’s house anymooooore,'” and “mama said, ‘no seba push that guy aroooound,'” and “mama said, ‘no seba take backhoe upstairs last niiiiiight.'” he hasn’t gotten to verbalizing the “why” of things yet, like why mama doesn’t want seb to push little kids around or take his dirty, nasty backhoe into bed with him.

in other brain developmental areas, seb is trying to figure out the whole past tense concept. everything has become “last night,” even if what he is talking about occured in the bright, sunny morning of the same day, even if it happened a month and a half ago: “seba fall on my head at pop-pop’s house last niiiiiiiight.”

the whole “baby beep!* thing” is becoming very bizarre. aside from the fact that at this stage (34 weeks just about, almost 8 mos) my belly has become rather lumpy (no rotund belly here), and said lumps like to jut out and change shapes mostly while i’m sitting in large groups of people (i.e., writing class, bible study) trying to concentrate on other things, seba now thinks he and daddy are carrying a baby beep!* too. or maybe that’s just his twisted sense of humor. most days when i ask him, “where’s baby beep!*?” he points to himself and answers, “seba have baby beep!* in seba berry (read: belly)! nooooo!” the “noooo!” usually erupts from him in fits of giggles, so maybe he is having his fun with me. i should assume, from experience, that seb knows way more than he’s letting on. ah, the mysteries of the two year old.

the boy has become uncharacteristically attached to me lately–sometimes even preferring me over daddy (nooooo!)–but i just figured that it’s due to my abandonment of him last weekend to go see my sisters unfettered, free to chat, nobody to run after (note to self: this only works out if sisters follow suit and there are NO kids around), leaving him here with his daddy. i just figured that it’s his way of saying, “hey now, don’t you do that again,” or “no mama take the red car,” instead of it actually being a manifestation of two-year-old stress about an upcoming, life-changing event.

who knows what will actually happen when the baby gets here, aside from the given of me losing a LOT of weight and sleep very quickly. i’d like to think that now, when seb assures me that he WILL share his trucks with the baby, and he WILL share his crib with the baby, and he WILL sing songs and read books to the baby, he’s telling me like it WILL be. i mostly hope though, that on those occasions when seb tries to physically beat the crap out of baby beep!* via my belly, it’s just his twisted sense of humor coming out again.

only time will tell.

[*this has been edited for the sake of those who do not wish to know gender of baby beep!* gah! there it is again!!]