on oren

well, boy #2 is a bit over 5 wks old, and i guess i should give the stats: at 4 wks, oren was 10.5 lbs and 22 inches long. that’s up from 8-ish lbs and 21 inches long at birth. looking back at seb’s stats: at a little over 3 wks, seb was still only 7.5 lbs and 21 inches long; and it wasn’t until his 2 month check-up that he registered at 10 lbs–but by then he was already 23 inches long. so already, there is a pretty big dif between the boyz.

that said, oren’s first few weeks of life have been frought with discomfort. we haven’t nailed down where the true source of it lies (should that be lay?), but we have narrowed the options: 1) infant reflux, 2) colic, 3) 1 and 2, 4) hydrocele (if you really want to know what this is, i’ll let you look it up) that could be irritating his little tiny intestines, 5) all of the above. so we’re pretty busy in the next couple of weeks with drs. and specialist appointments, and i’ve given up dairy to try to help the reflux and/or colic a bit–4 days on this miserable fast, and there is no sign of it helping him out any. it sucks to give up dairy because soy is really not good. and i mean REALLY not good. i’m also keeping any chocolate intake to a minimum and well, most other food too, so i’m running out of things to enjoy right now (did i mention boy #1 was recently replaced by a very scary and defiant monster?). wait, i shouldn’t say that. oren smiled at me several times today. and i don’t think it was gas. even though he tooted right after. so those smiles really should be making up for all the crying, and seb’s new annoying persona, and me not eating any fun or yummy food. right? maybe?

so this is life with two kids, one being a tiny infant who has rocked everyone’s world. and i didn’t even mention the sleep that i’m not getting….