i was looking back at entries here today, and i saw that i haven’t yet brought this up to speed in terms of how oren is doing. this week was a really good week. oren stayed awake for longer intervals and smiled a lot during those times. nursing him became enjoyable because i could just sit and he’d eat until he was done without crying or popping off for burp- and gas-time. we ruled out the hydrocele being or becoming a problem: it’s one of those “he doesn’t know anything else” things, so the surgeon tells us. we’ve decided that he’s not colicky because he really doesn’t cry for long periods at the same time every day, and we don’t have trouble getting him to sleep.

we have decided that he probably has a mild case of reflux, although not yet gone to a GI specialist to get it officially diagnosed. we put him on zantac at a mid-level dose for a guy his size, and i eliminated dairy and peanuts from my diet. i was complaining about that in the early post in january.

and well, i take it back.

this week i attempted to add some dairy products back into my diet (cheese, mac n cheese), and he has reverted to fussy- and non-enjoyable-nursing oren. woe is me. and okay, woe is oren too. i can’t wait to have all things dairy once more out of my system so oren can be comfortable with his digestive system, and i can stress about things like nap time and such instead. at least i know now one root to oren’s problem and it’s easy to fix.