Rally Turkey

The Rally of Turkey started today, and, as expected, it’s been a rough event with several notable retirements. But first, the good news. Harri Rovenpera is leading the rally by a whisker over Francois Duval and Tommi Makinen. Other pleasant surprises include Giles Panizzi holding fourth place in his privateer Peugeot, and Armin Schwarz in […]

Mr Rogers

In case you haven’t heard, Fred Rogers passed away early this morning.

Double Standard (or, How do you say NIMBY in French?)

I heard this interesting segment on NPR this afternoon, and I couldn’t wait til the morning to mention it. They are doing a series on Muslims in Europe, and today’s segment talked about Muslims in France. Interesting stuff. In a nutshell, the French citizens generally look like xenophobic bigots, who refuse to acknowledge the existence […]

A Fair Shake

If you don’t follow the sports world closely, you probably haven’t heard that Colonial tournament. This has been met with all sorts of opinions (as expected). Many of the pros on the PGA tour don’t really like the idea, though this is to hide the fact that they don’t want to be beaten by a […]


Why does every bike shop in our fine city have an absolutely hideous web site? How bad can they be, you say? Well, most of them don’t have any good information on them, and the designs are so ugly that you expect blinking text. Sheesh.

Black Helicopters and the Golden Arches

I found these articles yesterday in Reason about the government’s ongoing war with fat. Interesting stuff, but many of them are nothing more than libertarian knee-jerk reactions that do nothing more than take a stance against the government just because it’s the government. For example: The belief that things like fat and sugar and salt […]


In case you’re all wondering what to do get us (or, more specifically, the anklebiter), look no further than right here.


Just got finished configuring Tomcat and Apache for the upcoming PNC project. I’ve never configured Tomcat (a servlet/JSP engine) from scratch before. It’s a bit of chore, and I don’t quite have Apache handling the requests to Tomcat correctly (I have to type http://localhost:8080/test instead of just http://localhost/test), but that’s a minor inconvenience.

Various Updates

First, for anyone keeping track, I didn’t take the job offer. We were just too far about on compensation. No hard feelings on either side though: they understand my situation, and I understood theirs. Perhaps in six months after they get funding, they’ll call me again. In the meantime, I’ll be starting a project for […]

War? Self-defense?

An interesting article on Reason points out the apparent contradictions in the Bush administration’s claims of self-defense as a reason for war with Iraq. If you’re a libertarian anti-warrior, it’s a good read, and provides nice ammunition for arguments with *conservatives.*