Saturday Ride

Two and half hours in Frick. I ran into Dave and Aaron, and we did a loop together, then they went home. Aaron just bought a mountain bike, a fine Gary Fisher 29er (I think). The trails were in perfect winter condition–hard-packed snow and very solid frozen ground. It’s the first time I haven’t rinsed […]

Gray Days

It’s that time, I suppose. Winter in Pittsburgh, while often dry, is a gray affair. The sun pokes out for minutes at a time, perhaps three times a week. Thankfully I have a bank of windows behind me, and those fleeting rays flash into my gray cubicle, only to be gone again. It’s not dark, […]

Sunday Ride

Middle-Saxonburg Loop (Map does not reflect complete ride) I was highly unmotivated to ride earlier in the day, and it wasn’t until the second cup of coffee kicked in after church that I plotted a route. I really wanted to have fenders on the Bianchi, but the Vittoria tires (28mm width) weren’t playing nicely with […]

Year in Review, Sorta

It is a BOB tradition to have a “Tried and Liked” post at the end of each year. Since I became a slightly more vocal member of that community this year, I thought I’d add my own list. Tried and Liked in 2007 Carrying my stuff on the bike: I’ve wembled quite a bit in […]

Monday Ride

North and East A bit of a wandering route cooked up by Stuart and his friend. I generally felt pretty good, and managed a good bridge effort in catching John on the descent on Hunter Road (good fun!). I got dropped a bit on Guys Run, but that was expected. The weather was quite nice, […]