Car News and More Fixed Riding

Well, we’ve found ourselves a car — a 1994 Volvo 850 GLT. It’s got a bit over 100,000 miles (that’s about one third of a Volvo’s lifespan), new tyres, and complete service records (a bonus, since now I know it just got a new timing belt and brake calipers). It’s priced perfectly for us, so […]

Bitter Irony

So I just went to Salon to check the latest headlines and columns, and since I don’t have a subscription to the site, I deal with the ads for a free day pass. Interestingly, today’s ad was the newest Cadillac SUV. Is Salon selling out for the almighty dollar? I mean, didn’t they run this […]

Look, Ma! All Fixed!

This morning was my first adventured with fixed gear bike riding (I got my new wheel last week, and my track cog yesterday. First, I didn’t die — I didn’t even crash. It was a big easier to get used than expected, though I couldn’t just trackstand on a dime like I could when I […]

The Slow Death of Libertarianism

Reason has an interesting article about the libertarian response to the war in Iraq. I must admit, I’m bit surprised that the neo-conservative “war brings peace” ideology has permeated some libertarian thought, especially given the amount of money Bush is asking for the war. One positive note, though. Scroll down the page to the response […]

News and Notes

Not the most exciting weekend, but…where to begin, where to begin… The used car hunt continues. We test drove a bunch of cars on Saturday, and we really liked a 1989 Volvo 240 sedan. It’s quite a tank, but Jen said it handled pretty well. It’s a cool, off-white color, and the interior was in […]

Now, Something Completely Different

Public BSODs (Blue Screens of Death)


This is going to be quite a rant, so if you’re not interested in reading about the intersection of theology and politics, and why some conservatives are a bit brain-dead, there’s nothing to see here, move along. By the way, I’d use MoveableType’s extended entry system, but I doubt the template for it is set […]

Rally News

The latest news from the WRC is that the Hyundai WRC team will take a “break” at the conclusion of the 2003 season. The team has been cash-strapped since last year, limiting testing and development for the Accent. The team is currently in last place in the manufacturer’s championship standings, 10 points behind Skoda (and […]

The Passion, Again

Slate has an interesting article about Mel Gibson’s The Passion discussing the potential anti-Semitism of the film. I think the author does a pretty good job of discussing the issues, and I don’t disagree with his conclusions, so I’ll just provide the link and keep me mouth shut.

Now I’ve Gone and Done It

Well, it’s finally happened. After much soul-searching and googling, I’ve finally purchased a new, fixed-gear rear wheel for the trusty commuter bike. The initial plan was to use the existing rim and buy new spokes a fixed hub from the good people at the Harris Cyclery, then bribe Dave with a case of beer to […]