Recently, it came to light that Laurent Fignon, the professorial French rider who served as Greg Lemond’s foil in the late 80s and early 90s, doped during his racing career. He admitted as much when he also admitted that he had cancer, and that perhaps there was a link between the dope and his disease. […]

Weekly Climbing Motivation

Mmmm…slopers. Sam Whittaker Ben’s Groove SS Caley HD from Sam Whittaker on Vimeo.

Heavy Rotation

Now that I’ve gotten over my “ethical” issues of (legally) downloading MP3s rather than actually buying the physical album, and discovered that Amazon often sells albums for $5.00 (!), I am listening to more new music. So, on the virtual turntable recently: Curse Your Branches, David Bazan My Maudlin Career, Camera Obscura (I am such […]

Jacques Ellul in 60 Minutes

Do you want a (reasonably) concise summary of what Jacques Ellul thinks about technology in our modern world? Stick around ’til the end to really get a sense of how Ellul thinks we need to interact with technology to retain our human-ness. Also note how many books this man owned, particularly in his office. The […]