Well, it’s true. My linux machine is dead. Dead-dead-deadski. After one last feeble fsck attempt, I will reinstall Mandrake 9. Don’t know when though, with the anklebiter countdown started.

Work work work….

The new job has been going well. After a day of extreme programming with a co-worker, I’ve been set loose on the application. Despite the overall complexity of the framework being used, I’ve got a decent handle on things. My only complaint so far is that my mp3s aren’t playing so well on the machine….lots […]

Do You Hate Unix?

Slashdot has posted an article (well, two, actually) about the release of the Unix-Haters Handbook (Note: the PDF has disappeared from the above page, thanks to being Slashdotted). Regardless of what you think about Unix (or any *nix), it’s a good, funny read. I’m about halfway through it, and so far, the funniest part has […]

Friendly Advice

I finally got the sound working on my linux machine at the new job today. The secret, you ask? Well, if you have a Soundblaster Live 5.1 card (shipped with many newer Dells), save yourself a lot of hassle and go directly here and download the Open Sound System driver for that card. Sadly, the […]

X-treme Programmer

I’ve started the ramp-up to my new job over the past few days. Mostly I’ve just been setting up my workstation….a Dell Dimension with a Pentium 4 2GHz processor, .5 GB RAM, running RedHat 7.3. I’m not too chucked about RH 7.3…my preference would have been Mandrake 9, since it seems to be better suited […]

This Week’s Sign the Apocalypse is Upon UIs…

This is a headline from Sport Illustrated: Kansas receives permission to talk with Self I wonder who they had to ask?


Betcha never thought you’d read something here about the University of Pittsburgh basketball team….but here it is, my $.02 about the new team’s new coach. While it’s good for Jamie Dixon that he was named head coach (and the players, who lobbied hard for him), it’s a bit odd that a team that is now […]

The War Is Over?

It looks as if life can return to normal (did ever leave?). Most of the major news sites have toned down their emphasis on the war in Iraq and said that the major military action is now over and the coalition will now work on rebuilding Iraq. This is great, but where is Saddam Hussein? […]

Moving Over Stone

Jen and I went to Cooper’s Rock yesterday. I’m fairly sure it was my first time on rock since our trip to Bishop last year. That has to be a record. It was fantastic day….warm sun, cool breeze. Oddly, there’s not a leaf to be found on the trees in the forest. It was so […]

Rally Wrap-Up

Marcus Gronholm has won the Rally New Zealand over Peugeot teammate Richard Burns. Subaru’s Petter Solberg took home third, almost two minutes off Marcus’ pace. It was an odd Rally New Zealand, with many retirements (including all of Hyundai and Ford’s Markko Martin). Skoda had a fine rally, with Toni Gardemeister finishing fifth, and Didier […]