Tuesday Night at the Oval

Large field tonight–33 racers. Lots of newcomers, too. This translated to a bit of sketchy race, and there was a wreck. But more on that later. I started at the front, and ended up taking a flyer with three other riders for the lap and half. This effort wasn’t too taxing, but, then again, I […]

Sunday Ride

Logan’s Ferry to Murraysville (Sorry, no map) Rode up Logan’s Ferry from New Kensington, then looped down Hanlkey Church Road just because, finishing at my dad’s house. Logan’s Ferry is really one of the nicer “classic” climbs in the area–windy, shady, low traffic, relatively consistent grade. The ridge riding on Sardis Road also, I think, […]

Saturday Ride

Early morning start, and not much time, so I rode some hills. Center, Ravine, Berryhill, and High/Seavey. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on these hills, so here are a few thoughts: * Center wasn’t as bad as I remember. I thought it might hurt since I’d have about 2 miles of warm […]

Tuesday Night at the Oval

Moderate crowd, 26 racers, and humid and slightly windy conditions. My goals for the evening were: 1) Be more active during the race 2) Take some points in the sprint The pace was reasonable and, for the most part, relatively consistent. There were quite a few primes (10 in a row, I think), but only […]

Fort Cherry Road Race

Today was the Fort Cherry road race, a nice 40 mile affair over an eight mile loop west of the city. It was a fine course, with a short climb, a section of rollers, and lots of scenery. Unfortunately, it was hot (really hot) and I’ve discovered that my body just doesn’t like racing in […]

Tuesday Night at the Oval (or, Racing with One Eye Shut)

A rather small group this evening, 21 racers. Several riders have moved the B race, and I think we’re all a bit happier for that, as the pace is a bit more reasonable and even over the course of the race. Less action this week, with fewer attempted breaks. I took a few pulls at […]

Saturday Ride

Potato Garden Run (Map doesn’t include riding to the South Side, and riding up, up, up Penn Avenue afterwards) First ride in a long time with other folks: Chris, Scott, and Robbie (on his swanky new handbuilt frame). The pace was nice, the conversations good, and the roads generally excellent. It was, however, very hot. […]

IDEs and Text Editors

(Note: geekery ahead) Since I currently work on a platform that doesn’t have any sort of real integrated development environment (yes, I linked to the right place–I really do ColdFusion programming), in the past 18 months, I’ve jumped around between coding software quite a bit. The short list, with comments, contains: PSPad: Not a bad […]

Tick-Tick-Tick (or, the End of an Era)

Over the weekend, I finally installed the Sturmey-Archer 3 speed wheel on the Surly (this particular AW is a 1972 vintage). Yes, yes, fixed gears are great, except when you haul 15 pounds of stuff back and forth to work everyday, or drag 60+ pounds of children in a trailer behind you. I fantasized briefly […]

Tuesday Night at the Oval

28 racers. Warm. Humid. Kinda windy. The pace was mostly pretty reasonable, and there were lots of attacks. Nothing stuck, though, due in part to the group chasing the moves down and in part to the winds, which discouraged solo efforts. I mostly stayed in the group. The few times I thought I could cover […]