An Open Letter to Winter

Dear Winter, Long ago, I took a certain amount of pride in suffering whatever you could throw at me. Cold? No problem. Sleet? *Sigh* Snow? Eh, not so bad. I relished the challenge. I enjoyed deciphering a clothing matrix so that for a given temperature range, I knew exactly what to wear. I settled into […]

Well, That Was Quick

The Bianchi Vigorelli was sold today. Yes, it was good deal, but I never felt terribly comfortable on the bike, at least compared to the Cannondale, and since I could find a buyer for the Monocog, I felt I needed to trim the fleet. So, off it went, one month and 100 miles later. I […]

Saturday Ride

Out and back on Saxonburg Blvd. Since I missed the fine weather on Friday, I thought I’d go out in the cold and wind. I just couldn’t muster up the motivation to hit the rollers, and there wouldn’t be snow on the road, so why not. In the spirit of Steevo’s litany of clothing, here’s […]

Well, That Wasn’t So Bad

I had two wisdom teeth (one impacted) and one molar (damaged from said impacted wisdom tooth) this morning. I was nervous going in, just because of visions of chisels in my mouth, but, in reality, it wasn’t so bad. The only pain incurred was during the application of the local anesthetic–the surgeon numbed my gums, […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dentist

I have been to the dentist more times in the last 8 weeks than in the last 8 years. These two things are not unrelated. We started with just a cleaning, moved to an appointment (and x-rays) with an oral surgeon for an impacted wisdom tooth (more on that later), and finished with two appointments […]

Sunday Ride

Laziness out Freeport Road, back on ARB, and a loop or two through Highland Park. It was a bit rainy, but warm-ish, so I didn’t want a chance to ride in the great outdoors to slip away. I swapped out the Speedplay pedals for a set of Shimano SLs that Dave gave me (T-Mobile pink!), […]

Saturday Ride

Middle Road and North Temperatures were in the low 40s by ride time, the sun was out, and the sky was (mostly) blue. Rode with Stuart and Chris, and it was good to be out enjoying the day with them. A few of the hills felt hard. At least it’s (really) early in the season. […]

New Year Ride

Drawn by the fiery orb in the sky, I went for a short spin with Stuart in Highland Park today to ring in the new year. I didn’t look at my watch, and didn’t have a computer on the Bianchi, so I really have no idea of time of distance. I can’t even remember how […]