Mark Cuban

Gelf Magazine has an interesting interview with outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban on the current Grokster case before the Supreme Court. I think I saw a lot of his views on this issue: GM: You say that software doesn’t steal content, people steal content. So what do you think of the RIAA’s strategy of […]

Transformation (2)

Twenty four hours later, and I’m riding through downtown in a t-shirt and rolled up jeans. I’m moving quickly, sliding between cars and pedestrians. I slide on to the drops and hammer through the light at Smithfield and Liberty, and quickly, barely breaking cadence, I lean left to 10th Street, and then right to Penn […]


Spring has come, bringing with her warmer temperatures, cloudy skies, and bouts of rain. I had managed to miss the showers this morning, the puddles in the playground across the street tranquil. My rain jacket was rolled up and strapped on my bag, and I was happily spinning along Butler Street with knickers, a long […]

The End of the Road

I’ve been rather active in the current current discussion about Terri Schindler-Schiavo. I’ve discovered that my opinions don’t fit well on either side of the argument, and I’ve been active because this sort of situation has been more than an ideological exercise for me in the past. But after several days of hard thought and […]


Some random Googling to answer a pop culture trivia question at work led me to find that Francis Ford Coppola is filming Jack Kerouac‘s On the Road. I had two academic obsessions in college — Ludwig Wittgenstein and Kerouac, so I’m interested to see what Coppola does with the book. I also discovered that Kerouac’s […]

The Bible and Politics

I’ve been spending quit a bit of time thinking about the relationship of faith and participation in the Public Square. A critical part of this has been examining the Bible to find what God’s tells us about what our involvement should look like. As James Brink has already pointed out, this is essentially a theological […]

Rally Mexico Recap

Petter Solberg has his championship campaign off to a fine start this season, and the Norwegian scored his second win of the year at this weekend’s Rally Mexico. Driving the 2005 spec Subaru Impreza in its debut, Solberg took the lead on SS1 and never looked back. While Peugeot’s Marcus Gronholm applied steady pressure on […]

Winter, Extended

After temperatures hovering around 60 earlier in the week, winter has refused to go quietly into that goodnight. Tuesday morning brought high winds, snow, and ice back to the city. The conditions were the worst I’ve ridden in so far — it rained the previous evening, then as the temperatures dropped, it began to snow. […]

Walking the Walk

Hat tip to Derek Richard Mouw has a modest proposal: let’s really talk about “moral values” in the Public Square by using Jesus’ call to action — the Beatitudes. But what intrigued me most was Mouw’s source: Actually the idea is not original with me. I got it from an unlikely source when it comes […]

Moral Ambiquity and Economics

This post by Dignan nicely illustrates the moral, umm, complexity of Christian conservatives (though I wouldn’t classify Dignan as one of those folks, because, while I don’t agree with his politics, I think they are fairly developed from a Christian perspective). The subject of his discussion is the much-maligned corporate whipping boy, Wal-Mart. It’s much […]