Scrabble Scramble (2)

Several blokes have posted their impressions of the alleycat: David Eli Moon Eli also put his professional skills to good use by mapping the various routes our little group took around the city during the race.

Scrabble Scramble

Eli and I pick our way through the crowds at Point State Park. It’s hot. Really hot. Really, really hot. A group of people surrounded by bicycles have congregated under a stand of trees near the fountain, and we swing around to join them. Five dollars later I have my manifest, and we standing around […]

Eminent Domain

Note: I’m entering a domain better left to experts, but I think the ramifications of this Supreme Court decision will be felt here in Pittsburgh. Awhile back, I mentioned a case coming before the U.S. Supreme Court regarding eminent domain — they power of a government to take private property for “public use” development. Today, […]

The Voice of Something (2)

The City Paper has posted the fixed gear article on their website. Enjoy my crumbs of wisdom.

The Voice of Something

A week or so ago, I was contacted by a reported from the Pittsburgh City Paper to talk about fixed gear riding here in the ‘burgh (the paper was running a series of articles about bicycles to coordinate with Bike Pittsburgh‘s Bike-Fest). She asked the usual round of questions (“Why do you do this? Do […]

The Inner Workings of the Supreme Court

With a tip o’ the hat to Moon….Dahlia Lithwick gives an unprecendented view into the decision-making process of this nation’s highest court.

Distraction, Concentration

Maclin Horton and I seem to share the same dilemma — we can’t finish a book. I have the best of intentions — I have a stack of things that I’ve started but yet to finish (I find a way to justify this, however. I remember a professor I had who would typically read ten […]

American Exceptionalism

Howard Zinn, in the latest issue of the Boston Review, examines the long history of American exceptionalism. Critics of the neo-conservative foreign policy agenda of the current administration often forget (or are ignorant of) the rich tradition of exceptionalism that the United States has. This is hardly the first time in our history that a […]

What’s Wrong with T-Mobile?

Velo News analyzes why the powerhouse European cycling squad can’t seem to generate big wins from its star cyclists. Case in point is this year’s Giro d’Italia winner, Discovery rider Paolo Savoldelli, who was a great disappointment with T-Mobile, but proved his mettle by coming back to take maglia rosa this year. Further fueling speculation […]


There’s been nearly too much stuff going on to write coherently about any of it. So, I’ll merely provide some quick hits… I’ve basically dropped out of the pacificism discussion on Gideon’s site. I’m still not sold on either side of the debate (just war v. pacificism), but Caleb Stegall makes a good point: I’ve […]