No, I Don’t Rent Apartments…

It has come to our attention that someone has put our phone number on an apartment for rent sign (by mistake, I hope). We’ve gotten a handful of messages on our machine (since we have the basic “Hi, leave a message” message), but tonight I actually spoke to someone about, uh, our apartment… *Ring* “Hello?” […]


We just spent the weekend in Morgantown at Coopers Rock — two days of bouldering and a night of camping. Woo! Climbing photos are here. Jen will be updating the rest of the site with Seb cuteness soon.

Idiots on the Street

We all assume that there will be a certain percentage of drivers that are, simply put, idiots. It’s just a fact of life. And I assumed this applied to cyclists as well, but I also thought that the commute to downtown Pittsburgh might filter them a bit more, since downtown isn’t exactly the most bike-friendly […]

Game Over, Among Other Things

As expected, Lance Armstrong put the finishing touches on his sixth TdF win today on the slopes of L’Alpe D’Huez. How fast was Lance? Ivan Basso, the closest contender in the GC, started the time trial two minutes ahead of Armstrong, but was still passed by Lance in the closing kilometers. Barring catastrophe, Lance should […]

TdF and Rally Argentina

Despite Lance Armstrong’s best efforts (including a win in the toughest stage in the Pyrennes), Thomas Voeckler, the young Frenchman, still holds the malliot jaune for another day. Armstrong crushed the other contenders today, leaving behind everyone but Ivan Basso, but it was Voekler who was the day’s hero. Repeatedly dropped off the back of […]

Strong Words from Greg LeMond

LeMond Questions Armstrong’s Honesty

Le Tour

I haven’t written about the Tour de France, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested. According to the press (and some of the racers) today’s stage, the first stage that involved any sort of sustained or difficult climbs, would be the day the General Classification contenders (Lance Armstrong, Jan Ullrich, Tyler Hamilton, etc) made their […]

Anyone Home?

This space has been quiet again. There reasons are many: 1. I was sick last weekend (who gets sick in the middle of the summer). 2. Work was a bear last week (of course it’s better now, since I’m posting from work). 3. I’m lazy. So, here’s the short list of things on my mind…. […]

Why John Kerry Is Just Another Politician

Slate’s William Saletan has been compiling “Kerryism” to go along with Slate’s Bushisms (and please, keep in mind that Saletan is an unbashed liberal). Today’s entry really shows that Kerry isn’t all that much different than any other smooth-talking, changing-the-subject politician.

The Slow Fall of the Christian Right?

Salon has a very good piece about the Republican strategy of targeting churches in their drive for the re-election of George Bush. It’s a well-balanced article, and worth the read (and the ads) if you think the Christian Coalition represents the political thought of all Christians in America.