Community and Place

Our church’s small “academic” discussion group convened last night to discuss a trio of short essays by Caleb Stegall (including this one from the New Pantagruel) focusing on the concepts of place and community as a response to unbridled liberalism (in the traditional, political sense of liberalism). Stegall’s general line of thought contends that modernism […]


Apparently, there is another sideburned person riding his bike on the streets of Pittsburgh with a motley bag on his back. For the third time in as many weeks, a car pulled up next to me on the morning commute, and the driver rolled down the window, and said “Hey, Seth!” I simply shrug my […]


The redesign work seems to be finished. I worked through a few issues this morning, and we’re both pretty happy with the final product. Enjoy. Work has been painfully slow. I’m in a holding pattern on several projects, which means things will come crashing down all at once. I’ve been so bored I’m not even […]

New Design

The redesign is mostly complete. I’m sure I missed a template or two, and for whatever reason, MTOtherBlog isn’t working in this section’s monthly archive — it pulls in the entries for this blog, rather than my sidebar blog. Minor problems.

Things to Come

A complete site redesign is currently in the works. It’s been two years, so I think it’s time for a change. The actual layout and design is finished, but I’ve still got to convert the copious number of MovableType templates we use. Expect a new look by the end of the week.


A friend passed along this website, IDFuel, an industrial design blog. Lots of interesting stuff, with an emphasis on environmentally-conscious design.

Cycling News

Two professional cycling items hit the major newswires yesterday…. Lance Armstrong to retire after 2005 Tour de France. I wasn’t particularly surprised or saddened by the news. Armstrong had been hinting at this since early spring. Most talking heads outside of the cycling community are lamenting the loss of American’s great cycling hope, but those […]

Spring Dandy

The lot of us stared down the 200 meter stretch of tarmac before us. For whatever reason, I have decided it best to trackstand at the start, and now I was smashed between a half dozen riders, unable to put a foot down with taking someone out. “Go!” I’m one row back, so I bid […]


The air is uncharacteristically calm. I’m spinning quickly past the Sunoco fuel storage facility and out of the industrial wasteland and into Lawrenceville. After a fall and winter of dingy grays and browns, I notice the long parade of now-white dogwood trees lining Butler Street. They stretch on beyond the corner at 50th, on beyond […]


Dignan has two good posts that are worth passing along. First, a short post containing a quote from author of the Left Behind series, worth repeating here: “Revelations” is “a mishmash of myth, silliness, and misrepresentations of Scripture.” That’s really laugh-out-loud funny, considering the source. Also, Dignan passes along some “wisdom” from James Dobson. It […]