Doing the Math

So developers for the old G.C. Murphy building near Market Square have announced they would like convert the building into apartments instead of condos. Nothing too shocking there, but there’s this: The apartments would target people with incomes of $40,000 to $50,000 a year, including Downtown workers and recent college graduates. The average apartment would […]

View from the Backyard

On Cycling

VeloNews has published an interview with 1988 Tour de France winner Pedro Delgado. Delgado lays into the current crop of racers and organizers, and I found this bit on strategy in the grand tours very much on target: In cycling there are the downhills as well. The race is in the feed zones, on the […]

Death, Music, and Other Things

Last night, the boys and I went to the co-op to pick up ingredients for tonight’s little dinner party. While packing up the car, said dinner guests arrived at the Factory to head to the climbing gym. They stopped over to the car and said hello to the boys, and we chatted for a bit, […]

Sustainability and Localism

The urban homesteaders at Hen Waller have posted about a New York Times Small Business section article entitled “Why Roots Matter.” The Times explores the interest in local and regional food producers as consumers are faced with the reality that not all food labeled as “organic” necessarily is local and/or produced with sustainable methods. There […]

Reactionary Democrats?

Slate’s Jacob Weisberg hangs a new title on the wave of Democratic congressional winners–economic nationalists. These folks campaigned on “reactionary” economic issues–limiting free trade and outsourcing, and managing illegal immigration. Weisberg believes, however, that these “nationalists” want to strike a blow not against big business, but against the poor of the world. Come again? Weisberg […]

All Things Bicycle

First, a bit of racing news. Ivan Basso has signed with Discovery Channel. This is not necessarily a surprise, as DS Johan Bruyneel has mentioned negotiations with the Italian in the past. Basso, remember, was excluded from the Tour de France because of (unsubstantiated) links to a Spanish doping ring. CSC, his former team, decided […]

The Scene

I’ve noticed a few interesting items lately, and felt the need to at least mention them here. First, Daniel Larison has been skewering our incumbent junior senator, Rick Santorum, over his rather curious speeches regarding the vast importance of the conflict in Iraq. I considered, briefly, actually voting for Robert Casey, Jr. this year, in […]