The alarm went off at 5:45 AM, but I didn’t feel like getting out of bed and riding. So I dozed for awhile, figured I would just ride later, then got up and drank coffee and ate toast. The rest of the family woke up a little while later, and I went for a short […]

Wednesday Night at the Oval

Humid. A bit rainy. 32 racers. John is back in town, and thus racing the Bs. He said he was going to try to get in a break, and if that didn’t work, wanted me to drag him to the front for the field sprint. Okee dokee. Lots of break attempts. I don’t think John […]

Wednesday Night at the Oval

The P Course was run this evening. I had pretty low expectations going into the race (as opposed to every other B race, right?), and I pretty much expected to get dropped. And, I did. It happened pretty quickly, and a group of maybe ten or twelve riders quickly formed as the second group, and […]

Saturday Ride

Mmmm….dirt Three dirt sectors on this ride: 1. Campbell’s Run Road. This is the classic “Do Not Enter” road, but don’t be fooled. The first third is essentially a false flat on dirt through the woods. The first 200 meters of the road has a few houses, but they disappear pretty quickly. The middle section […]

Wednesday Night at the Oval

Back to the Bs. I wrestled with many motivational demons over the last week, and in the process had an epiphany–I realized, first, that I am no where near in the sort of shape I was in last fall. Not that I can’t do a long ride, or deal with the pace of the B […]

Dwaas, Again

Tarik Saleh has a smart post about Tommke’s problems, and it does seem that perhaps Boonen is headed down the same dark path as Marco Pantani. It seems that no matter what Lance Armstrong twitters about him, Boonen will be without his team for the rest of the year, as Quick Step doesn’t interested in […]


Tom Boonen has been suspended following a second positive test for cocaine use. The man has a chance to break Roger de Vlaeminck’s record of four wins at Roubaix (plus who knows how many more Monuments), but instead he’d rather play around with booger sugar. Good one, Tom.

Tuesday Night at the Oval

(or, Anybody Wanna Buy a Bike?) Yes, Tuesday night. I relegated myself to the C race after three consecutive weeks of broken parts and wrecks. I needed to actually finish a race, and I figured this would be a good start. In the back of my mind, I thought I might be able to turn […]