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for awhile (well, a week at least). We’re packing for our big trip to Bishop. We’ll be leaving behind the cold and rain for sun and warm temperatures. Woo!

How to Rebuild a Rally Car in 22 Hours

Here’s a play-by-play of the rebuild of Petter Solberg’s Subaru Impreza WRC after his shakedown shunt in Corsica. Amazing stuff.

Sports This and That

I haven’t really written much about sports in general here, but a couple of things caught my eye this weekend…. First, Kobe Bryant and Shaquile O’Neal’s relationship has turned icy again. It’s been no secret that Shaq and Bryant have had problems sharing the spotlight in Los Angeles over the years, and that feud is […]

Rally Catalunya Wrapup

It was quite a weekend in Spain, and the championship table has a distinctly different look to it. It was generally a dry, quick rally, though the rains came early in the day on Sunday and benefited the boys from Subaru immensely, but more on that in a moment. First. the surprise winner was Gilles […]

Rally Catalunya Preview

With two rallies left in the season, the driver’s championship is still very much up for grabs, and four drivers have a legitmate shot at winning the championship. Catalunya is a touch different than the previous two tarmac rallies, being a bit more wide open that Corsica and San Remo. Conditions will be trickier as […]

The War on Terror — A Report

Defense Memo: A Grim Outlook Guess Donald Rumsfield isn’t quite so optimistic about the results of the war on terror. The scary part — he thinks perhaps our country needs a “new institution” to fight terrorism. Perhaps I need to take a political science course again, because my memory must be failing — I thought […]

General Boykin, Again

After reading a bit from General Boykin’s “apology” regarding his comments about his role as God’s warrior in the war on terrorism, I thought I’d better clarify my position a bit. Here’s the chunk that caught my attention: “I believe that God intervenes in the affairs of men, to include nations, as Benjamin Franklin so […]


Here’s an image of Petter Solberg’s Subaru Impreza after the Corsica shakedown. This is same car he used to win the rally. Amazing work by his crew.

The Matrix Unloaded

We finally got around to watching the Matrix Reloaded last night. It’s funny. Before Seb was born (right around the time the movie was released), we were very excited to see it. We had nearly worn out our copy of The Matrix. But then the boy was born and at least I suddenly didn’t care […]


I’m not sure who is crazier in this photo, Markko Martin, or the spectators. This is from Rallye Monte Carlo, 2003.