I’m not very good at making decisions, especially when money is involved. A day in the life: Should I walk to the store on the corner and get an iced tea? Hmmm. That’s $.99. Perhaps I shouldn’t spend the money. I could just drink some cofee. And that iced tea has all sorts of sugar […]

Important Safety Tip

When purchasing Bulletproof chain tugs, keep in mind the type of track ends your frame has, as the Sub 11.0 style ends on your Surly have hoods that do not easily accomodate the fancy star shape.

TdF Recap

Well, Lance Armstrong wrapped up his seventh consecutive Tour de France victory today, after winning the final time trial of his career by 30-odd seconds over Jan Ullrich. In the end, it was easy for Armstrong, as he beat second place Ivan Basso by over four and half minutes. While Armstrong didn’t dominate this Tour […]

Linux on the Laptop

After only a slight amount of pain, I got Fedora Core 3 installed and working on our laptop. The Windows installation had been acting quite funny (crashes and whatnot), so I thought before I just re-installed XP, I’d give Linux a whirl. Surprisingly, nearly all the hardware worked without tweaking — sound, video, network card, […]

The Roberts Confirmation

Friend and all around smart guy Moon has a rather good post about why Democrats need to at least give Judge Roberts a fair shake during his confirmation hearings and base their decision on that instead of the source of his nomination.

Cars, and Communication

We have decided, mostly, to get a new car. The Outback has served us well for two and half years, but after replacing the transmission, the engine is leaking oil and acting up. Trips to two different mechanics gave us two different diagnosis: 1. Leaky head gasket. Cost to replace: $1200. 2. Small oil leak, […]

TdF Update

After one of the toughest stages in this year’s Tour, the general classification remain mostly unchanged. Discovery allowed Alexandre Vinokourov to break early in the stage, and the T-Mobile rider beat Columbian mountain goat Santiago Botero at the finish. The pair finished roughly 2 minutes ahead of the yellow jersey group, but after his terrible […]

Suddenly, I Seem Sorta Old

I’ve been working my way through David Koyzis‘ book Political Visions and Illusions, and it’s quite good (I’ll probably post a full review when I actually finish it). This past weekend, I finished his analysis of Liberalism and found it thought provoking and thorough. One point he makes that while the Liberal state wishes to […]

And So It Begins

It was understood that today’s stage marked the real beginning of the Tour de France, as the race enters the French Alps. Most of the contenders knew today’s mountaintop finish would sort things out in the GC, and sort them it did. I won’t rehash the stage, but on the final, Category 1 climb, Lance […]

How Lance Just Might Lose

Heading into the first rest day of the Tour, Lance Armstrong sits in third place, just over two minutes behind CSC’s Jens Voight. The Discovery team allowed Voight and Christophe Moreau to break from the peleton on Sunday, both slipped ahead of Armstrong in the GC. This was not unexpected — Armstrong and the rest […]