Hueco Tanks Trip Report #3

We are waiting out a dust storm (with winds up to 60 mph) in El Paso at a Microtel. We have two more climbing days before we head north to Colorado. We’ve been solo for the last week, as Paul, April, and Silas returned to Tucson. The weather has been decent, albeit a bit warm, […]

Hueco Tanks Trip Report #2

So, here we are, back at the Microtel at the El Paso airport, taking a break from the campground. We’ve got a few more days of climbing under our belts, including a couple more tours to the East Spur. My finger has been feeling a bit better, so I’ve been climbing, though still avoiding tiny […]

Hueco Tanks Photos, Part One

From Hueco Tanks, Day One

Hueco Tanks Trip Report #1

(Photos are forthcoming) The drive to El Paso, Texas passed without incident. Three days on the road, including one and half to cross Texas. Western Kentucky and Tennessee were particularly pleasant to drive through, but the central part of Texas is horribly ugly, with lots of refineries and oil wells. It is also incredibly windy. […]

Cow Farts

Orion Magazine posted an excellent essay by Bill McKibben regarding the recent accusations of cattle farming as a chief cause of global warming. McKibben points out the following bit of history: Still, even once you’ve made that commitment, there’s a nagging ecological question that’s just now being raised. It goes like this: long before humans […]