The Word on the Street…

is that Pittsburgh’s next alleycat will be December 18.

Other Things

We had a pleasant Thanksgiving holiday, spending time with both sides of the family. Cold weather seems to have descended on Pittsburgh, finally, as well. Saturday was a beautiful day, though, with crisp temperatures and lots of sunshine. It would have been a nice bouldering day, but family trumps climbing (most of the time), and […]

I’ll Stop When They Do

Fr Jape has another tirade against the criticism of single issue voters (SIVs). At first, I was a bit upset, and went so far as to write a quick entry at my in-laws house right after Thanksgiving lunch. But then I thought I wasn’t really understanding the issue well enough. Perhaps I was being to […]

On Theology

Fr. Jape‘s latest rambling, Against Theodicies and Theology examines the controversy at Huntington College over the dismissal of a theology professor for his views on Open Theism. He finishes on an interesting note: Or, perhaps even better, theology could be left to the realm of farmers/soldiers/steelworkers, or anyone else of the sort who is daily […]

Place, and Some Time to Think

I’ve been shifting gears mentally as of late, trying to wrap my head around various theories of Place, and how they fit into my theology. Some things I’ve been reading: Practicing the Discipline of Place — Caleb Stegall About New Urbanism Civic Art and the City of God — Phillip Bess Receiving Community: The Church […]


There’s an interesting disucssion taking shape on Gideon Strauss’ site about urban renewal and the Church’s place in it. I’m intrigued. I’d like to address a couple of other posts Gideon included. First, one from Jon Barlow: There are some beautiful old churches in the city of St. Louis that are just waiting for some […]

A Change of Pace

After spending yesterday wrestling with the political applications of my faith and today talking with Joshua about reformed theology, I’m going to rest my mind a bit… Since there are still some unanswered questions about what the WRC driver landscape will look like next season, I’ll throw out my predictions of what the line-ups will […]


I’ve modified the Theocracy, the Religious Right, and the Rest of Us (see Gideon…permalinks!). My friend Joshua pointed out some faulty logic in my discussion of gay rights and employee rights. It seems some part of my brain went on holiday briefly, as re-reading the section, I have no idea what my point was, as […]

This Is What I Was Getting At…

or at least I think so. This post is well worth reading. I nearly fell out of my chair when I read this: First: there are, there have always been, there will always be, Christians whose beliefs lead them to be social conservatives and economic progressives. (For evidence, look here and here.) We exist, and […]

Doing It Right (at least partly)

Have you heard of Bob Riley, governor of Alabama? If you haven’t, and you’re not entirely happy with the attitude of the Religious Right (or the Moral Majority, or whatever they’re called today), look him up. I may not completely agree with his stance on every issue, but he’s showing a great deal of “progressive” […]