Few things rankle me more than a bobo driving an older BMW, festooned with “Defeat Bush” and “No Blood for Oil” bumperstickers, with the audacity to beep his horn at me for riding my bike to the office, thus causing him to actually turn his attention to the road rather than the conversation he is […]

This and That

Yes, I am busy. Yes, we are getting some sleep. Yes, Sebastien likes his little brother. Yes, we are surviving. We’re probably doing a bit better than surviving, actually. I haven’t found much free time in front of the computer lately to write (though I have been scribbling a bit over here). I’ve been reading […]

Watercarrier Alleycat

There’s something about these December alleycats that I just really enjoy. Perhaps its riding in the city, at night, under the stars. Perhaps the cold, crisp air. I wasn’t sure if I would even line up to start this one — what, with a baby coming any moment, and six inches of snow falling just […]

On Not Winning

A few months ago, I decided to (finally) replace the front wheel on the Steamroller. The existing wheel was probably ten years old, first purchased used from the old Pennsylvania Mountain Exchange when Jen got her commuter, and finally, after much abuse both on road and off, I broke a spoke on the morning commute, […]

The Tough Choices

Caleb Stegall has made a late addition to version 2.3 of the New Pantagruel, Natural Law, the Death Penalty, and Political Theology: An Editorial Response to First Things. The essay is an examination of an apparent contradiction between FT editors on the matter of political theology, but as a response to that contradiction, Stegall begins […]