I took part in my first alleycat this weekend (the Iron Lung Alleycat). It was good fun, and not as intimidating as I thought it might be. Matt joined me, and turned out to be a fine day to cruise around the city. We also managed to hook up with a messenger from Columbus who […]


There’s nothing a coffee incident to sully your morning. My usual weekday habit is to grind coffee beans in the evening, set up the coffee maker with water, filter, etc, and then the next morning, before I shower, turn the coffee maker on so there’s hot fresh java waiting for me. Everything was going according […]

Two Things

Oregon County Bans All Marriages Well. that’s a fine solution to the gay marriage issue. My only comment is this — if I’m a single person in that county, living with my significant other (who has better health insurance coverage that I do), I sue someone (my S.O.’s employer, their healthcare provider) for not providing […]

Family Matters and Good News

Dinner time at our place can’t generally be defined by a single time (say, 6:00pm). A few nights a week, Jen and I both try to go to the gym, so she’ll climb as soon as I get home (or as soon as she picks me up at the bottom of the hill), I’ll hang […]

Do You Know What You’re Doing?

Here’s an interesting discussion on Slashdot with quite a headline: Only 32% of Java developers really know Java And as one poster pointed out, only 5% of people don’t stretch the truth on their resumes. Some of the more interesting posts dealt with the interview process, and what can be considered “fair game.” Having been […]


For the first time ever, I’m involved in an NCAA tournament pool at work. It’s a measly $5, so I could do without a couple of espressos during the week to waste time with my co-workers as March Madness begins. It was a rough first day. Currently, I’m holding down last place, though I’m only […]


I never said that. Did I?

“If You’re Not With Us, the Terrorists Win. Or Something”

I’ve been reading a lot of the opinions flying around in the days after the Madrid bombing and the subsequent shift in government power (the conservative prime minister was not re-elected, replaced by the Socialist candidate). As expected, conservatives are claiming “the terrorists have won in Spain” and their gloomy forecast is that if the […]


As I was wandering around today during lunch, I saw a group of kids (who no doubt should have been in school or something) riding around town on BMX bikes. Nothing too interesting there, until the pack came up to a red light, and each one of them had to do a Fred Flintstone-style, jump-off-the-saddle-and-land-on-their-feet […]

Rally Mexico Wrapup

As promised, here it is — all the news and notes from Rally Mexico. First, a quick look at the podium: 1. Markko Martin 2. Francois Duval 3. Carlos Sainz An impressive sweep for Ford, but it didn’t happen without quite a bit of luck. Petter Solberg started the rally quite fast, and he and […]