Shameless Self-Promotion

I was recently invited by the editors of Comment to join a symposium offering advice to recent college graduates on being called to live and work in the city. My contribution can be found here, and the entire collection is here. I am humbled to be included in a by-line with folks like Calvin Seerveld, […]

The Red, in Pictures, in Part

It’s raining at the moment, and we’re sitting in Miguel’s taking advantage of the free internet access. The current gallery of photos is available here

Landis, Guilty

As expected, the USADA found Floyd Landis guilty of testosterone doping during the 2006 Tour de France. Landis can still appeal the decision to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, but at this point he must be thinking “why bother.” The UCI acted swiftly today, stripping Landis of his Tour victory, thus passing that […]

Sunday Ride

Short Kittanning Loop A blown tube just past the 62nd Street Bridge cut the ride short a bit–my intention was to ride out Middle Road. I seem to be drawn to hills when I ride the geared bike. As I approached the intersection with Kittanning, I thought, what the heck? and pointed my bike up […]

Saturday Ride

(No map, since I’m lazy) Out Freeport, to Fox Chapel Road, up Squaw Run and along the length of Old Mill. I went with a bit of Rivendell-ish setup–the fixed gear, with basket and Carradice saddlebag, plus flat pedals instead of the usual clips ‘n straps. Generally not bad, but without foot retention it was […]


For an upcoming piece in Comment (hopefully). For the record, this is the first time I’ve actually worked in a cubicle. And we’ve started to use Picasa to hold some of our photos since we’ve maxed out our Flickr account.

Visions of a Commute

Saturday Ride

To my dad’s house The plan was to have dinner with my dad, so I figured I would ride my bike, leaving while the boys were still napping. I took the indirect route, along Freeport Road, across the river to New Kensington, then up and over Logan’s Ferry to Murraysville. I’m really not a fan […]