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Progressive Consumerism

This article on Reason about a new generation of “socially aware” clothing manufacturers who are trying to buck the trend and keep their work in shops in the U.S. that actually take care of their workers. The article itself is quite positive about American Apparel, and it poses some interesting questions about the offshoring of […]


NPR had an interesting segment this morning about the detainees in Guantanamo and the Supreme Court’s involvement in their hearings. The most interesting bit — supporters of the administration and its policy of not allowing the detainees access to lawyers compared their policy to what the Vietnamese and Koreans did during those respective conflicts. Huh? […]


Perhaps it’s time I modify the defaults for MT to avoid the embarrassment of turning on comments and turning off line breaks. Sorry for the utter goof-up last night….

Rally New Zealand Wrapup

It came down to the last stage on the last day, but Petter Solberg got his championship defence back on track with a win in New Zealand. The Norwegian looked unstopable on the first two days, and he entered the final day with a 20+ second cushion over Marcus Gronholm. Gronholm, however, wasn’t ready to […]


This article nicely sums up some of the reasons why I choose to ride my bike to work every day. This past year has marked a change in my dedication toward scorchin’ to work everyday, as I’ve ridden through some nasty bits of weather. About the only things that keeps me off my bike every […]

Rally New Zealand — Day One

You’ve got love rallies on the other side of the world. Here it is, 7:00am on Friday morning, and we have Friday’s results already…. Petter Solberg currently holds first place after a steady day behind the wheel of the Impreza. Solberg has held the lead for all but one stage, and he has a slim […]

Rally New Zealand Preview

After another long break, the WRC begins again on the other side of the world with the Rally New Zealand. This rally begins a more hectic schedule for the teams, with less time between events to regroup. There are quite a few storylines that have developed since the Rally Mexico, and this rally should set […]

The Sickness and Other Things

As Jen pointed out, the entire family is currently sick. The boy and I got it first, probably from the same source, on Wednesday. Just in time for Easter, Jen also came down with the same bug. Fortunately, both Seb and I are feeling better, though he seems to be teething again. It’s been five […]

My Feelings Exactly

The American Prospect has an interview with former President Jimmy Carter. The interview focuses on Carter’s opinion of the “Christian Right” and how they’ve distorted the teachings of Christ for political gain. I really, really hope a lot of people come across this interview and see that not all Christians are conservative lunatics. Also, I […]