Training Musings

I am nearly two months into my “training” for our trip to Hueco Tanks. I like to think that I am feeling fairly strong, but it’s been difficult to find benchmarks for my progress. But more on that later. Primarily, I’ve been using the hangboard, generally three days a week (sometimes four). My big breakthrough […]

Climbing Motivation of the Week

Yeah, it’s not bouldering, but motivating nonetheless. IKER POU – DEMENCIA SENIL 9a+ (Margalef) from jordi canyigueral on Vimeo.

Family Climbing

Jen and I watched bits and pieces of Committed Volume II last night. Really good stuff, particularly the bit on the Whittaker family. I can only hope that in ten years we are living as they are. Katy and Pete, both teens, are filmed repeating and establishing hard, committing grit testpieces, belayed by their parents. […]

Weekly Climbing Motivation, Part Two

Hueco Tanks 2009 from Jimmy Webb on Vimeo. Chbalanke looks very good.

Weekly Climbing Motivation

(Taken from I’d like to think Power of Silence will be one of my projects for the Hueco trip. power of silence v10 from Walker Emerson on Vimeo.

Convivial Software, Revisited

Comment published a short symposium on my recent essay on convivial software. I’m deeply grateful to the Cardus staff for giving me this opportunity.

Saturday, Snowstorm

What to do when you get 18+ inches of snow. Friday night: Shovel the 4+ inches of snow that fell already, and let the kids play outside way past their bedtime. Saturday morning: Shovel enormous amount of snow, and be thankful that the sidewalk is only 15 feet long. Try to figure out how to […]


I agree with Peter Suderman. We watched the season premiere of Lost last night, and I am underwhelmed. That’s not say we won’t watch the final season (thanks, ABC, for releasing the episodes online), but I can’t help but wonder if the writers and producers are headed toward a Matrix-like finish–the show started so strongly, […]

Climbing Motivation of the Week, Part One

dark age v11 from Walker Emerson on Vimeo. This is on my official tick list for our Hueco visit.