The Day Professional Cycling Died

The Spanish media has released the names of professional cyclists associated with Dr Eufemiano Fuentes, the Spanish doctor at the center of Operación Puerto, a massive doping sting. The two biggest names at the top of the list? Jan Ullrich Ivan Basso On the heels of the news, T-Mobile and CSC have suspended the riders […]

Surly Shout Out

The boys at Surly have stepped up as sponsors for the Rallycat, and their generosity is greatly appreciated. They sent along: * 1 set of New Track Hubs (!) * 4 t-shirts * 5 pairs of Smartwool socks * 5 chain tensioners Thanks guys. Timbuk2 has already donated a messenger bag and t-shirts, and if […]

Some Things

Random World Cup notes… I won’t comment much on the U.S. team, other than to say what a poor showing. Too bad Claudio Reyna had to go out that way. Argentina is putting on an absolute clinic. This goal is how soccer is supposed to be played–there were twenty-some passes leading up to it. Yes, […]

New Bag

Jen and the boyz got this for me as a father’s day gift. Apparently my nearly ten year old bag smelled really, really bad, which is not surprising considering I’ve been riding in it daily for the last four years. Timbuk2 has really upgraded their design since I last purchased from them. The bag (their […]

On All Things

Yes, an extended silence means a scatter-shot post on various and sundry things. The World Cup…Yes, the U.S. squad was absolutely embarrassed in the opener v. the Czech Republic. At the moment, they are knotted with Italy at 1-1 at the half. Apparently, they’ve turned things around, but the Azzurri will happy to take advantage […]


I think this bike is really neat. That’s right, it has gears on it, but that’s ok. The design philosophy is very unique (but note, not groundbreaking) in that it allows the bike to be both comfortable and efficient. It would be a blast to ride, being able to better handle grocery runs than the […]

Reactionary Radicals

Bill Kauffman closes out the Reactionary Radicals blog with this bit of wisdom: Chesterton told us that the patriot never, under any circumstances, boasts of the largeness of his country, but always, and of necessity, boasts of its smallness. Dorothy Day spoke of the Little Way. Or little way. As the anti-American Empire crumbles into […]

Covenanter Group Blog

De Regno Christi

On Politics

Dan Knauss outlines his political beliefs in the New Pantagruel’s forum, and I find myself agreeing with much of what he says: In the past, I probably would have voted for FDR as a conservatizing Social Democrat concession from a Socialist standpoint of displaced German-Americans who had a big distrust of state powers and fairly […]

Look Homeward

Daniel Nichols, at Caelum et Terra, has a wonderful review of Bill Kauffman’s Look Homeward, America.