The Morning Glory Coffeehouse apparently opened while we were in California. We are very excited about the prospect of a cafe one block away from our house.

Bishop, Again

We are back. More reports to follow.


Yes, we’re in California. Travel was fine. I, however, didn’t feel terribly well on the flights, and the final leg was downright painful (silly sinuses). But here we are. We spent the night in Vegas (technically Summerlin), then drove through the mountains to Bishop. We spent a few hours at the Buttermilks on Saturday, spending […]

Sunday Evening Ride

High->Logan->Sycamore->Welsh->Barry/Holt/Eleanor I would have liked to do Tesla and Flowers, but was thwarted by the lack of sunlight and lights on my bike. It was nearly a summertime evening–warm-ish, clear skies, almost-full moon. Riding across Mount Washington at twilight was quite pleasant. The hills generally felt good. My opinion of Barry/Holt/Eleanor is changing–yes, indeed Eleanor […]

Friday Lunch Time Ride

Sycamore->Welsh->Barry/Holt/Eleanor Today’s goal, given the meager 10 miles of distance, was to ride these hills as hard as possible without falling over or throwing up. It should be noted that Eleanor is really quite hard. On Sunday I really need to hit four or five hills, then do Eleanor and Flowers/Tesla to at least partially […]

More Dope

Leonardo Piepoli and Stefan Schumacher have tested positive for CERA. If you followed the Tour de France, Piepoli was sacked by his team and kicked out of the Tour thanks to Riccardo Ricco’s positive test during the Tour. Piepoli quickly admitted to doping, then denied in front of the Italian Olympic Committee. Schumacher won both […]

Sunday Ride

Dirty Dozen hills: Sycamore->Canton->Boustead->Welsh Canton, with 34×26 gearing isn’t so bad, given you stay to the right, out of the, umm, grass growing between the cobbles. It is still silly steep, though, and I imagine doing it in a crowd of people is challenging. A good link-up to assess my condition for the ride would […]

Coopers Rock

A group of old timers went to Coopers yesterday for a fine day of bouldering. Andrew on Wave Rider: From Coopers Rock 4 Oct 2008 Jen on Wave Rider: From Coopers Rock 4 Oct 2008 Jason off Wave Rider: From Coopers Rock 4 Oct 2008 Stuart on Special Needs: From Coopers Rock 4 Oct 2008